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Peds Legwear’s new Made in USA Initiative has begun with women’s Medipeds.

When shopping in Walmart, you will see our new Medipeds package design, along with our Made in USA callout in the corner. As of now, the only diabetic socks our Hildebran, NC manufacturing plant is producing is the women’s crew and quarter. In the near future, our USA manufacturing will be producing men’s Medipeds, but it’s a healthy headway ahead.

In Walmart, look for Medipeds by the pharmacy and in the men and women’s sock sections.

2 thoughts on “Made in USA

  1. I have been wearing “Medipeds” for several years. I am not diabetic but due to major foot surgery in my right foot, it is the only one comfortable. I do wish that Peds would print their name on the bottom of the sock!

    1. @pat, we are currently in the process of switching the Medipeds name on the bottom of the foot. Check out our online shop, to find our most popular styles; some with the Medipeds name on the bottom already. Thank you, we appreciate your business!

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