Medipeds #FanFriday!

We love hearing from our Medipeds Fans!


This awesome man here is John Sonta. He could possibly be our biggest fan! 😉

“My children give me your brand socks for my birthday every year. These socks keep my feet warm, dry and healthy. I truly like these socks very much! Thanks for the free delivery!” – John Sonta

We are so happy that Medipeds is a part of John’s life. Ringing in at 99 years young, we take John’s testimony to heart. He has been wearing Medipeds for years and is a true testament of the quality of Medipeds.

John, we appreciate you as a loyal customer and now a friend! We cannot thank you enough for supporting our brand. We wish you the very best!

2 thoughts on “Medipeds #FanFriday!

  1. I have purchased these socks in white and black. My question is, why is the writing “medipeds” on the top of the sock instead of the bottom of the sock?

    1. Hi Mary! We are actually in the process of switching our production to have the Medipeds logo on the bottom of the foot. We suggest checking Walmart stores in the future for the socks with the Medipeds logo on the bottom of the foot – Walmart is where we have our Made in USA products!

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