5 Easy Changes for a More Energized Day

Every day is a fresh start, but when you find yourself feeling fatigued all the time, it’s hard to make the most out of your day. Men and women, young and old, we all have days where we feel like we’ve just run out of energy. From starting your day off with the right food to picking the best time to hit the hay every night, there are numerous ways we can keep our minds and bodies feeling energized each day. Try making these five easy changes to your daily routine to fight fatigue:

Wake up earlier

It’s easy to fall into the habit of hitting snooze and waiting to get out of bed until you’re in danger of being late to work. However, these few minutes of extra sleep and rushed morning routines aren’t doing us any favors when it comes to our energy the rest of the day. Set your alarm an extra quarter or half hour before your typical wake-up time and use those minutes to do some morning stretches, eat a healthy breakfast, and get your mind ready for the day ahead. Have trouble getting up? Try setting it 10 minutes earlier for a week, then another 10 minutes the next week for a slower progression.

Rethink breakfast

Too often we rush out the door in the morning with a bagel in hand or thinking a cup of coffee will get us through the first part of the day. However, these bad breakfast habits have consequences when it comes to our energy levels the rest of the day. For a healthier morning, avoid breakfast foods that are high in carbohydrates and sugars. They may fill your stomach for a bit, but you’ll have an energy crash later. Instead, incorporating more protein and fiber into your breakfast with nuts, oatmeal, veggies, greek yogurt. Additionally, after you drink your morning cup of coffee, make sure you follow it up with a glass of water to maintain hydration and battle fatigue.

Make a to-do list

Sometimes we feel so busy that we find ourselves in an “I have so much to get done and no idea where to start” rut. This leads to us losing motivation and often feeling fatigued before we even start our day. Instead of letting our busy lives overwhelm us, start making a to-do list each morning (or the night before). Go through what needs to be done that day, what you’d like to get done and what could possibly wait for another day. By listing out and prioritizing your daily tasks, you’ll find it easier to stay focused and keep your energy up throughout the day.

Stretch it out

Instead of heading to the break room to grab a cup of coffee, try some easy stretches to reawaken your mind and body when that afternoon slump hits. Not only does stretching help your mind refocus, it helps your body stay alert, lets our muscles loosen up, and increases blood flow. Don’t suppress those yawns, either. Like stretching, they help you bring more oxygen back into your blood and help you wake up your mind. If you’re awake but having trouble focusing, try some yoga-inspired balance poses, like tree pose, to sharpen your attention. And, for those hectic days when you don’t get a break to stop and do some stretches, try MediPeds® compression socks to help relieve swelling and tired, aching legs when you’re busy.

Be consistent with your bedtime

Setting a consistent bedtime is important for everyone, not just young children. We’ve all heard the eight hours of sleep per night goal, but sometimes we still feel exhausted the next day even when we manage the full eight hours. Our bodies want to get into a natural rhythm when it comes to sleep, and part of that rhythm includes setting a regular bedtime and wake up time. Going to bed at 9:30 one night and 11:45 the next throws off our internal clock and often leads to feelings of sluggishness and fatigue the next day. Pro tip: some activity watches allow you to set an alarm each night when it’s time to start winding down for bed.

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