4 Essential Elements of Self-Care

For the modern adult, life often seems like a constant series of chores, meetings, and responsibilities. In the midst of your hectic schedule, it’s easy to let your physical and emotional needs fall to the back burner. However, there is a growing trend that’s pushing back against this “too busy” mindset: self-care. Self-care is much more than just pampering yourself and indulging every now and then on your favorite ice cream. It’s about making your own needs and wants a priority so you’re better able to care for others. Here are four essential elements of self-care to focus on in your everyday life:

Invest in emotional well-being

Emotional health is essential to doing well at work, building strong relationships and feeling motivated from day to day. One of the key components to emotional self-care is understanding that it’s healthy to let yourself feel a wide range of emotions, from joy to frustration to sadness. Instead of bottling up these emotions, learn to acknowledge them and determine why they are there. Another important part of your mental well-being may be learning to say no to things that cause you unnecessary stress or worry. Also, allow yourself to forgive both yourself and others instead of holding onto negativity. You may find that meditating in the morning helps you start your day with a more positive mindset, or that journaling at night helps you process the emotions of your day. Investing in emotional health looks different for everyone, but it’s equally important for all of us!

Make your physical health a priority

Physical self-care is much more than just going to the gym and avoiding fast food. While daily exercise is a core aspect of physical well-being, there are other, less obvious components as well. Introduce more movement into your day to day life by dancing, hiking, cooking, and other activities that get you on your feet. Remember, there are other ways to meet that 10,000 step goal other than the treadmill! In addition, physical self-care means you do your best to get the sleep your body needs to recharge and the nutrition it needs to keep going. Don’t forget to visit your doctor, dentist, and other healthcare professionals on the recommended basis! They can help you stay on track towards overall physical well-being.

Challenge yourself mentally

We often make the mistake of thinking that learning new skills and information should only be a priority when we are young. However, we should never stop challenging ourselves to learn and grow mentally! You don’t need to be in school to find interesting ways to stimulate your brain. Mental exercise activities could include reading a book, watching a documentary, visiting a museum, traveling to a new destination, building something, and more. The important thing when it comes to mental self-care is creating a passion to continue stretching and growing what you know. Don’t be afraid to put your brain through some mental exercises as part of your self-care routine!

Treat yourself

Some people view self-care as an excuse to splurge and indulge yourself. While this is not the only component of self-care, it is still an essential aspect. Every now and then, you deserve to pamper yourself! Get a manicure and pedicure. Go shopping for a new outfit that you feel confident in. Spend an hour getting a massage. Eat out at your favorite restaurant. You don’t need to feel selfish for doing things that make you happy. Occasionally treating yourself to the good things in life is a way of acknowledging your own self-worth and boosting your self-esteem. Think of these moments as you taking the time to refill your cup so you can continue pouring into others.

No matter what your self-care routine looks like, it’s important to make it a priority each and every day. How do you practice self-care? Share with us on our Facebook page!

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